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The B-Goes story from the beginning - 2000
The B-Goes was originally formed in Switzerland in 1989, when Hoffmann got together a group of Swiss musicians for a recording project.
In 1993, feeling the need to expand beyond his native Europe, Andi Hoffmann struck out for America. While traveling the States, he became fascinated by New Orleans, where he soon settled. There his songwriting was inspired by everything about the Crescent City and Louisiana: The swamps, the heat, the vibrant colors, and, most of all, the sounds -- of brass bands, zydeco accordions, gospel choirs, cicadas singing at twilight and the deep sound of foghorns on the Mississippi River.
With all these new influChristian Brantschenences flooding his imagination, Hoffmann took the B-Goes deep into Cajun country, near Lafayette, to record his third CD, 937 Dante Street. Marengo StreetOn this session, producer Dave McNair succeeded magically in uniting an 8-piece band (including Austin guitarist Rob Halverson, Nicole Hanlon, the Bluerunners Steve Le Blanc from Lafayette and guitar wiz Jimmy Robinson) composed of European, Australian, and American musicians with the bayou music tradition of Louisiana. Dante Street was released in 1996 in the U.S. and several European countries and was supported with extensive touring in each country.

The Basil for Nino sessions brought together some of the finest New Orleans musicians. They include Mark Whitaker, drummer of the local legendary Celtic/fusion band Woodenhead, roots meister Tom McDonald, longtime bassist for Anders Osborne, fiddle player Tom Marron, pedal steel virtuoso Dave Easley and back up singer Elisabeth The band has released the fourth Andi Hoffmann & B-Goes album "Basil for Nino" in summer 1999 and promoted the CD with extensive touring in Europe and in the United States. Andi Hoffmann & B-Goes got nominated for an Off Beat Award New Orleans and played the International Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans in May 2000.

text: Benny King

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