roots rock from New Orleans

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“Andi Hoffmann and B-Goes are one of the most talented and Interesting bands the Southeast currently has to offer.”

"Living In The Big Wide Worldą flows from style to style; the band dives into soul, Southern rock, blues and pop, while keeping the New Orleans second-line beat."
--Five Star CD review, Facts 2004

I can't say enough good things about this album. Living in the Big Wide World is one of those rare albums where everything fits together into an eccentric (but cool) puzzle. Whether it's the wonderfully subtle instrumentation of the B-Goes, the multi-layered feel, Andi's original voice, little compositional details or the well-written lyrics, you've got a magnificent collection of songs with superb performances.
Rambles C. Nathan Coyle 6 April 2003

“The songs, one and all, are beautiful. Beautiful in the way that New Orleans is beautiful: tarnished, mildewed, waterlogged, stained by wine, loneliness and lust.”
OFF BEAT, New Orleans(LA)

"Die Band brillierte mit einer traumwandlerischen Kompaktheit und einem fluss, wie man ihn beispielsweise von John Hiatt und Sonny Landreth her kennt."
WINTERTHURER LANDBOTE, Winterthur (Switzerland)

“ "Basil For Nino" hints at what the Cowboy Junkies might sound like with a male lead singer. The album quivers with a Daniel Lanois-like ambiance.”

“You walk away feeling your life has been enriched spiritually and emotionally”
MUSIKMAN, internet mag

“An artist, who has proven that he can not only combine cultural influences, but even transcend them.”
METROPULSE, Knoxville (TN)

“Just for fun, I typed in the name of my favorite obscure musician (Daniel Lanois) to see who dared to claim that their music sounded like his. Surprise, five or six did. Most of them were just god-awful, but Andi Hoffmann and the B-Goes made up for all of them.”
John Scalzi, MEDIA ONE

“It’s not an exageration to say that “937 Dante Street” is the kind of record that folk rock legend Robbie Robertson tried to make a couple of years ago with “Storyville”. This stuff has got soul - not to mention sterling production and classy deluxe package design.”

R.C. Gambit, New Orleans 1996

There is something sweet about New Orleans singer/songwriter Andi Hoffman's new CD. It's sweet in the way that your best girl or guy might serenade you before planting a light, wet one on your lips, or the way a Hansen's Sno-Ball glides down your throat.
Gambit 2003

Andi Hoffmann heeft wederom voor een fraai muzikaal werkstukje gezorgd waarmee hij een stad als New Orleans, die bekend staat voor haar muzikale diversiteit, alle eer aandoet. De eerste exemplaren worden geleverd in een fraai houten doosje… snel zijn is de boodschap.
roots town(Ben Vanhoegaerden)


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