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Andi Hoffmann & B-Goes  Basil for Nino
BTW 24 special release in box with photo cards
Basil for Nino folk rockProduced, recorded and mixed by Andi Hoffmann @ THE MIR, New Orleans. Mastered by Joe Doherty at DRR,New Orleans. Photos by Eveline Hoffmann. CD design by Miro. All songs written by Andi Hoffmann.
Don't forget to check out Nino's Italian restaurant at 1510 South Carrollton Avenue in New Orleans.
owl roots rock LouisianaMusicians:
Andi Hoffmann: vocals,guitars,accordion -
Elisabeth Gill: vocals -
Tom Marron: fiddle, harp, low vocals -
Tom McDonald: bass,jews harp,vocals -
Mark Whitaker: drums, percussion -
Dave Easley: pedal steel guitar on 7 -
Mark Mullins: trombone on 3&5 -
Nino Bongiorno: story
roots rock"Basil For Nino" hints at what the Cowboy Junkies might sound like with a male lead singer. The album quivers with a Daniel Lanois-like ambiance."
post cards rootsI must begin by saying that the packaging and presentation of this CD is very unique. The first 2000 copies comes in a white cardboard box with autographs from all the group members, various black and white pictures of different people featuring the the surrounding sites of New Orleans. When you turn over the pictures you find the lyrics of the songs. You will also find a cloth insert with the groups name stamped on it."
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roots rock
   Basil for Nino
 "Packaging is everything and this month's award for good taste goes to Swiss native Andi Hoffmann, now a reasonably contented denizen of New Orleans (which is about as opposite of the Alps as you can get). Basil for Nino arrives in a corrugated cardboard box with the actual hand-written signatures of the band members on the back. Open it up and you find a swatch of rather baroque fabric, eight small reproductions of Eveline Hoffman photographs with Andi's lyrics printed on their reverse sides."