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roots rock from New Orleans


Katrina was an extraordinarily powerful and deadly hurricane that carved a wide swath of catastrophic damage and inflicted large loss of life. It was the costliest and one of the five deadliest hurricanes to ever strike the United States. Katrina first caused fatalities and damage in southern Florida as a Category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. After reaching Category 5 intensity over the central Gulf of Mexico, Katrina weakened to Category 3 before making landfall on the northern Gulf coast on August 29th 2005. Even so, the damage and loss of life inflicted by this massive hurricane in Louisiana and Mississippi were staggering, with significant effects extending into the Florida panhandle, Georgia, and Alabama. Considering the scope of its impacts, Katrina was one of the most devastating natural disasters in United States history.

see a flash animation of the flooding published by the Times Picayune (



The Lower 9th Ward is a section of of the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. As the name implies, it is part of the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. The term "Lower" refers to its location further towards the mouth of the Mississippi River, "down" or "below" the rest of the city in local geographic terminology. The area is sometimes just refered to as the "Lower 9". The loss can't be described.
Photos of the lower 9th, January 2006


1 year after Katrina
see a flash animation of the flooding published by the Times Picayune (